EDUCATIONAL MODULE FOR STUDENTS  As part of the RESPONSE Project we are training medical students on the topic of identification and reporting of Gender-Based Violence in the medical settings, with a focus on women’s health services. The modules are being pilot tested in 3 our of 5 partners countries: Spain, Germany and Romania. The education module for students includes materials and case studies from the RESPONSE Manual and we encourage you to use the resources below to increase training in your own country.

Course poster

Course announcement is available in English and can be translated into your language  Course Announcement GBV prevention for medical students_ENG

The syllabus is available in English and can translate into your language  Syllabus_GBV Prevention for medical students_ENG

The ppt for modules are available in English and can be translated in your own language.



RESPONSE Training Manual for Reporting of Gender-Based Violence in Women’s Health Services aims to support the training of health care teams: health care professionals side-by-side with social workers, working in women’s health services.

The manual includes guiding information to improve the skills of health care teams to provide a comprehensive, patient-centred response. By health care professionals we refer to doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors; particularly those working in gynaecology, obstetrics and sexual health, at specialist or hospital level. Primary care professionals with roles in prenatal and postnatal care might also represent a group of health care professionals that could bene t from the training (country specific). Along with health care professionals, the health care team includes social workers (support workers, psychologists) who have the role of gender-based violence prevention advocates.



RESPONSE Train-the-Trainer Webinar, September 5, 2017 

RESPONSE Webinar was set up for trainers and staff members of the RESPONSE Project. The webinar was designed to support the local trainthetrainer sessions organised in each RESPONSE partner countries. Both webinar and train-the-trainers sessions are tools to support the RESPONSE Trainers in providing capacity building for health care teams that work in womens health services (health care professionals: medical doctors, nurses, midwives) side-by-side with social workers (GBV advocates, support workers, psychologists) to address GBV. For translating the RESPONSE Program to your setting, we recommend to use both webinar and RESPONSE Manual as guiding resources.